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#gat0701 - Aluminum gate with marine grade castings
Hand wrought aluminum gate with multiple scroll and sunburst pattern.
#gat0702 -
Large double drive gate
Aluminum cross brace added to prevent saging.
#gat0703 -
Aluminum fence and decorative gates.
#gat0704 -
Gate reproduction with side panels.
Multiple castings incorporated - all marine grade.
#gat0705 - tab
Same residence as gate #704 - different area in yard.
This gate has built-in lockbox to receive a deadbolt and lever lockset.
#gat0706 - tab Headboard
Aluminum gate with side fence panels.
Weld-on aluminum barrel hinges.
Moon dust powder coat finish
#gat0707 -
Gate designed by homeowner.
All aluminum. Approx. 16' X 9' tall.
#gat0708 -
Aluminum gate with Fleur de lis accents.

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